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WWE: Viva Las Diva

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22004 was a terrible Diva year
By SpiritChild
2004 was a horrible year. Victoria lost her cool insane image and became a lame bum jiggler. Sable and Stephanie were gone. The Lita pregnant by Kane premise was horrible and a overall lack of Diva wrestling matches.

well, I purchased this DVD anyway (so I could complete my DIVA DVD collection). If you think this DVD is good or bad depends on your reasons for buying the DVD. If your purchasing this DVD for the bikini photo shoot, then you will like this DVD (because it features many Divas including Lilian Garcia and Christy Hemme). If your purchasing this DVD for the womens wrestling matches and extras, you will be dissapointed.

lita and kanes wedding
dance contest between Molly and Stacy (also cut too soon)
School girl match: Dawn and Torrie VS Moolah and Mae Young
Pilgrim indian match: Miss Jackie VS Dawn Marie
WWE womens title match: Lita VS Trish
2 ligerie pillow fights with Christy Hemme
Halloween costume contest: Torrie Wilson VS Dawn Marrie
2 commercials for the Smackdown VS Raw video game
Lilian Garcia sings the National Anthem
Raw magazine cover shoot: trish and Christian, then Victoria
Stacy talking about her obsession with her mirror
and more!!!

Well, what can I say. The worst DIVA year yet and the worst Diva DVD yet. I really dont care about the photo shoots. It's not very interesting or fun hearing all the girls say the same thing (how sexy they feel, how beautiful the beach is, and how hard it is sitting bull legged). I buy the DIVA DVDs for the Extras and this years extras are horrible. The DIVA DVD "tropical pleasure" had great matches from payper view events. This DVD only has 3 womens matches from Smackdown and Raw and they are edited horribly. The clips are cut off before the action is over. For example: the school girl match featuring Dawn Marie and Torrie VS Mae Young and Moolah (the clip ends before we see Dawn Marie give a sneak attack after the match). There is other clips that end too soon also (such as the dance contest between Molly and Stacy).

While some guys may not be dissapointed because they want to spank their monkey to boring softcore, Im pissed that the great female wrestling of the past years is dissapearing...

if you must have this DVD for your collection, dont over pay. I got my copy at deepdiscountdvd.com for under 14 dollars

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4Finally - Lilian in a Diva's DVD
By Epps
Like every other Diva's DVD, I enjoy seeing the photo shoots come to life, getting to see what goes in to a shoot & the stuff that is rarely seen, except on these DVD's, like the Divas actually coexisting. I was extremely pleased to finally see the often-forgotten Diva - Lilian Garcia, getting her chance to shine. Getting to replay Trish in her lingerie gown as Lita's 'bridesmaid' puts this DVD up to 5 stars alone. However, you then would have to endure (if you actually choose it) Mae Young & Moolah in the 'School Girl Match'. Of course, the rest of the T&A pillow fight/(various outfit) contests are also in here. I would say I'm disappointed in the lack of actually matches in the extra's area (Miss Jackie vs Dawn Marie, & Lita vs Trish, where Lita almost broke her neck, are the only 2 worth mentioning), but this year alone has been disappointing for the women's division, with 4 women who can actually wrestle getting released to make way for the 'Diva' Search. Recommended if you have $20 to burn.

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3Not the best...
By N. Stiers
I give this Diva's DVD 3 stars this year. If your into the bikini's (most males are) then you will like this very much. Most of the Diva Search Girls clips are very short (Amy, Maria, Michelle, Candice, Joy, and Melina) while the other Diva clips are very long. This DVD also is missing one of the current roster Diva's Molly. If you're a very big Molly fan and only wanting to buy this for her you shouldn't cause she isn't on this. Also, they extras this year are mostly t&a wrestling, so most males should love that. Overall I give this a 3. I thought the main video was alright. I thought the extras were alright to. This DVD isn't better then last years though.

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