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 هوم ویدیو بهترین سا بمیشنهای UFCا


 قابل پخش در اکثر دی وی دی پلیرها و کامپیوتر و ....

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Customer Reviews

With the UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD, you have a front-row seat to some of the greatest UFC fights of all time. Grab a beer, grab some buddies, and enjoy more than 2 hours of hard-hitting action. The Ultimate Submissions UFC DVD ensures that you don’t miss a punch between the fighters in the Octagon.

The UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD offers a look back at the greatest tapouts in UFC history from the most skilled submission artists ever to enter the Octagon! Ultimate Submissions includes highlights from 30 memorable fights and features superstars such as Georges St-Pierre, Josh Koscheck and B.J. Penn.

Buy the UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD, and relive some of the most intense fights of UFC history over and over again.

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