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BJ Penn - 90 Days

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BJ Penn - 90 Days

هوم ویدیو زیبا از UFC


Product Description

BJ Penn "90 Days" takes you into the mind of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion. Live The Journey of The Prodigy as BJ Penn tells his story. Directly to you. Grow up with BJ in the small town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai i. Meet BJ s family, and see how support, love and strong family values created a champion. For the first time, see the actual footage of BJ winning the Brazilian World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Enter the octagon with BJ...go face-to-face with him as
he takes you through his biggest UFC he won, why he lost. And how he avenged those losses. BJ Penn "90 Days" is not just for the avid Mixed Martial Arts fan. It s for anyone who wants to succeed in life. ENTER THE MIND OF A CHAMPION.

SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: BJ s bad childhood soccer experience, an interview with BJ s mom, the real reason why Reagan Penn was not named Jay Dee," how BJ got the name, The Prodigy," and info about BJ s special oxygen tent. Interviews with the trainers Rudy Valentino-Head Trainer, Jason Parillo-Boxing Coach, Adam Disabato-Wrestling Coach, Renato Charuto Verissimo, Sergio Cunha-Jiu-Jitsu Coach, Ben talking about the BJ Bod Pod. BONUS FEATURES: Who s the Best? The Penn brothers tell all, Family Duty in Team Penn, BJ s own account of the St. Pierre rematch in an exclusive interview 4 days after the fight.

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