UFC 47: It's On! 720P (BLU-Ray) نمایش بزرگتر

UFC 47: It's On! 720P (BLU-Ray)

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UFC 47: It’s On


Las Vegas, Nevada

-Your hosts are Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. New feature for the reviews – seeing as UFC seems so content to put awesome fights on their prelim cards these days, and seeing as how all the DVD releases are now one-disc, with all the fights on the same programme, I’ll now be doing play by play for all eight fights on the card, rather than the main five.

Lightweight Fight: Genki Sudo vs Mike Brown

Heavyweight Fight: Wade Shipp vs Jonathan Wiezorek

Heavyweight Fight: Mike Kyle vs Wes Sims

Welterweight Fight: Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler

Heavyweight Fight: Andrei Arlovski vs Cabbage Correira

Lightweight Fight: Yves Edwards vs Hermes Franca

Welterweight Fight: Chris Lytle vs Tiki Ghosn

Light-Heavyweight Fight: Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz

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