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TNA Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls Scars And Stitches

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Customer Reviews

tna is the new wrestling, its way better than wwe.
i'll review all the matches on this DVD

Monsters Ball 1:
Abyss vs Raven vs Monty Brown
this match wasn;t as good as expected, ok match

Six Sides of Steel
AMW vs Triple X
loser must disband. this is what TNA is all about. this was voted match of the year for 2004, great spot by Skipper, you have to see it, to believe it.

Final Assault, Falls Count Anywhere
Abyss vs Jeff Hardy
this match is one of my personal favourites, this goes match gets violent quickly, its an awsum match. hardy on tacs.

Six Sides of Steel
Abyss vs Aj Styles
the cage could'nt contain these 2 as they waged war in a great match, that was high risk, some big spots in this one.

House of Fun
Raven vs Sean Waltman
another brutal, bloody and violent match, what can you expect from the crazy mind of raven? this is perhaps TNA's bloodiest brawl ever.

Dog Collar Match
Raven vs Abyss
this is a great match from these 2 hardcore icons. very brutal matchup, with a good tac spot.

Tag Team Match
Sabu/Raven vs Jarret/Rhino
a good hardcore tag match, but i'm not shore if it should be on here, i would of swapped this for Raven vs Rhino from Unbreakable, None the less a good match.

Monsters Ball 2
Jeff Hardy vs Abyss vs Rhino vs Sabu
an all out war, NO DQ four way match. alot better than monstersball 1. very hardcore match, alot of table spots. Jeff Hardy is Freakin insane with a Swanton from about 30ft onto Abyss. a must see match for any hardcore fan.

Six Man War
team 3D & Rhino vs AMW & Jarret
ECW fan's will like this match alot, it reminds me of there infamous tag match they had with Mahoney and Spike. this match is a War, they battle all over the Arena. a great match.

Barbed Wire Massacre
Sabu vs Abyss
this feud is was one of the best. this match received MOTY honor's for 2005, very bloody and brutal. great match for these two. it was Abyss's first Barbed Wire Match. a must see.

overall, this is a great DVD.


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