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By D.P.
This is a package of both "Best Of The X Division" TNA DVD's put together. Vol. 2 is the exact same DVD that you would find if it was packaged seperately but Vol. 1 has been changed in the the back cover reflects all the correct matches on the set & the 2 disc set was combined into just one. And on the bonus section of Vol. 1, they forgot to take out the commercial break during the bonus match so you actually hear all the commercials.

Here Are My Original Reviews For Both TNA DVD's so you know what your getting:

Vol. 1:
1. Victory Road - 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal
The format is similar to the Royal Rumble except only 20 guys & short time interluded. You'll see old favorites like Spanky, Psychosis, La Parka, Hector Garza along with TNA regulars like Matt Bently (with Traci), Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and others. Fun match.

2. Victory Road - X Division Champion Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles
Unfortunally, this is one of the flops of the DVD because this match was really short (about 10 mins.) and it's constant interfearence from William's manager Scott D. It would have been better to put the match from the Turning Point PPV with Williams vs. Sabin.

3. Impact - Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin
Nice overall match but it's clipped.

4. Final Resolution - Ultimate X Match: Williams vs. Sabin vs. Styles
If you never seen an Ultimate X match, it's really something to watch because high spots put off in this match are really something that will keep your guys on the ring. Watch AJ get kicked off the top & flipped inside out. The ending was something I didn't expect but it creative. Great match.

5. Against All Odds - Ironman Match: Daniels vs. Styles
This match specifically is for those who say the X Division & TNA in general is full of "car crash matches & high spots" as they give you their high flyin' along with great mat wrestling for a full 30 mins.

6. Destination X - Ultimate X Match: Daniels vs. Styles vs. Primetime vs. Killings
The rules for this match was different than usual as you have to eliminate two participants in first a tag then triple threat match before the Ultimate X match actually starts. Long match but with the stiputlations, it never really gets boring. Teh ending was a real screwjob but what would you expect from the lead heel in the X Division at that time

7. Lockdown - Ultimate Xscape Match: Shocker vs. Matt Bentley (with Trinity) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt
Similar to the previous match, you gotta elimate two other participants before the actual match starts. To win, you gotta be the first to escape the cage. It was a photo finish in the end & overall a great match but the real show stealer was Trinity's moonsault from the top of the cage.

8. No Surrender - AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman with Jerry Lynn as the guest referee
It was a average match for me but the best Waltman has looked in years.

9. No Surrender - Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin
Unfortunally the only Joe match on here but perfectly shows that X Divsion is about no limits, not weight limits. Joe's style is similar to that of the "shootfighting" that Taz & Ken Shamrock used to do with the stiff kicks & punches. Great match to showcase Joe.
Note: Also available on the Samoa Joe DVD

10. Interview with Jerry Lynn
Just a basic interview with Lynn talking about the beginnings of his career, how he got into the business, his favorite fueds, ect.

In the bonus section, they have two matches from Impact featuring Triple H (Daniels & Primetime) vs. Amazing Red & Sonjay Dutt and also a six way match with AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelly vs. Kazarian. Both of which are clipped & nothing really special.

Vol. 2:

IMPACT: X Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe - This match was shown in progress after missing the first 5 minutes (it was shown on the website to get people to turn in right at the start of the show)
IMPACT: Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley
IMPACT: Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Bentley vs. Austin Aries
IMPACT: A.J. Styles vs. Chris Sabin
IMPACT: Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley
IMPACT: A.J. Styles vs. Jay Lethal
IMPACT: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt
Destination X: Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Puma
Lockdown: Ultimate Xscape Match - Chris Sabin vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams vs. Elix Skipper vs. Puma
IMPACT: Alex Shelley & Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Goto & Tanaka (Team Japan)
IMPACT: Jay Lethal vs. Shark Boy vs. Senshi vs. Alex Shelley
Slammiversary: Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal vs. Shark Boy vs. Senshi vs. Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley
IMPACT: X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt
Hard Justice: X Division Champion Senshi vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams
IMPACT: Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine, Petey Williams

Overall, get this as it showcases some of the best wrestling on television today.

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