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WWE Hall of Fame 2008

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WWE Hall of Fame 2008

WWE Hall of Fame 2008

March 29, 2008 in Orlando, FL
Amway Arena drawing ???
Shown on tape delay on USA (2.09)

  • Jack & Jerry Brisco inducted by John Bradshaw Layfield.

  • Gordon Solie (posthumous - accepted by his children) inducted by Jim Ross.

  • Mae Young inducted by Pat Patterson.

  1. Eddie Graham (posthumous - accepted by Mike Graham) inducted by Dusty Rhodes.

  2. Rocky Johnson inducted by The Rock.

  3. Peter Maivia (posthumous - accepted by his daughter Ata Johnson) inducted by The Rock.

  4. Ric Flair inducted by Triple H.

Note: The "dark inductions" aired live on WWE.com.

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