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 هوم ویدیو بهترین مسابقات یو اف سی در سال 2009

قابل پخش در اکثر دی وی دی پلیرها و کامپیوتر و ....

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هوم ویدیو زیبا از کمپانی UFC

همراه با کاور لیبل و قاب

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On the UFC Ultimate Knockouts 7 DVD, there is no need for scorecards. Watch fierce fighters go down after powerful punches from their opponents. Feel their pain as you cheer for the champions. The Ultimate Knockouts UFC DVD is full of face-splitting action.

The UFC Ultimate Knockouts 7 DVD. Nothing thrills fight fans more than a devastating knockout, and Ultimate Knockouts 7 has more explosive finishes in one DVD collection than ever before. The Ultimate Knockouts 7 UFC DVD features unforgettable knockouts from Anderson (The Spider) Silva, Quinton (Rampage) Jackson, Lyoto (The Dragon) Machida, Shane Carwin, and (The Axe Murderer) Wanderlei Silva, as well as a special tribute to the greatest striker in UFC history, Chuck (The Iceman) Liddell, making Ultimate Knockouts 7 the hardest-hitting DVD you will ever own.

Buy the UFC Ultimate Knockouts 7 DVD for a front-row seat to some of the most powerful finishes in the Octagon.

1. Herman vs. Doerkson 
2. Mandaloniz vs. Hightower 
3. Rivera vs. Grove 
4. Gouveia vs. Lambert 
5. Davis vs. Liaudin 
6. Koscheck vs. Hazelett 
7. Okami vs. Tanner 
8. Johnson vs. Speer 
9. Irvin vs. Alexander 
10. Goulet vs. Hironaka 
11. Carwin vs. Wellisch 
12. Silva vs. Jardine 
13. Guillard vs. Siver 
14. Credeur vs. Yarbrough 
15. Markham vs. Farber 
16. Silva vs. Irvin 
17. Emerson vs. Gamburyan 
18. Liddell vs. Evans 
19. Sakara vs. Vedepo 
20. Dos Santos vs. Werdum 
21. Stephens vs. Dos Anjos 
22. Gonzaga vs. Hendricks 
23. Koscheck vs. Yoshida 
24. Johnson vs. Burns 
25. Nogueira vs. Mir 
26. Machida vs. Silva 
27. Dunham vs. Eklund 
28. Hardy vs. Markham 
29. Grove vs. Day 
30. Hamill vs. Muñoz 
31. Gonzaga vs. Carwin 
32. Jackson vs. Silva


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